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AR Media Brochure

New AR Media brochure has landed!

Find out about our services from video, animation, augmented and virtual realities to digital signage and studio hire. See some of the projects we've produced, effects we can achieve and how we can help you get your message out into the big wide world....

Matterport – Virtual spaces so real, it’s like being there

Matterport virtual tours We’ve used, researched and developed solutions for all sorts of immersive experiences including AR, VR, MR and 360° filming. So when a highly versatile 360° technology called Matterport came to our attention our curiosity was quickly piqued.  What is it? Matterport is a camera and...

Immersive Content, Augmented Reality by AR Media Ltd

What’s the difference? Virtual vs Augmented Reality

Virtual vs Augmented Reality - the differences and how to exploit the benefits. These are interesting times my friends. Technology has advanced to a level where it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Virtual vs Augmented Reality have such huge potential that it...