The first in a series of animations to accompany the musical interpretations of Keats poems by Simple Harmonic Motion

Illustrating the musical interperatations of Keats longer narrative poem is a tall ask. however its one that our team relished. Simple Harmonic Motion hallenged us to produce animated videos to accomany their live performances, with the intent of the videos being projected over a vaiety of exterior and interior surfaces at select venues across Europe, as part of an international tour. Lamia was the first of the 5 animations we produced to embody the characters, themes and narratives, of the music being played. Each project was to have its own unique style and Lamia was insired by the greek artworks- Black-Figure Style Decoration (c. 620 – c.530 BCE) Invented in Corinth. It was designed to almost bring a drawn fable to life as if on parchment.

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