TWOTW – Bringing the Battle to the Screens

In 2012, AR Media were tasked with bringing the battle to the screens. As a result, Jeff told us that “The editing style is completely different; it’s moved on. Modern editing can cut to the precise beat so creatively and imaginatively. It can jolt, it can excite, it can make you move, and this year that’s what the editing has taken on.

The New Generation score drives every aspect of the CGI. The pace, style, the shot flow and the colour palette. The entire approach is fresh, contemporary, cinematic and unique.

One example of this is the Heat Ray Gun, which has been bought to life as a ‘character’ in the same way as the Heat Ray melody gave the weapon its own identity on Jeff’s original double album, and on the new recording.

AR Media were given the opportunity to not only explore and enhance existing

Agency: AR Media Ltd.
Commissioned in Nov 2016

Commissioned in November 2016 by Future Lions, the App is scheduled to be published and released in January 2017. We will feedback with further updates soon after the launch, but if you have any requirements that are similar to this, please get in touch with our team now.