Mlily Global Brand Expansion

Mlily are the largest memory foam manufacturer in China, an A-list stock on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the biggest foam production base in Asia. As experts in redefining sleep, their mission is simple; to create a bed that truly benefits your health and your lifestyle.

The Challenge

Mlily manufacturer many big brand mattresses, but as a brand themselves were relatively unknown in Europe and the US. To grow brand recognition and support their performance-based strategy they sponsor global football brand Manchester United.

The challenge then became how to make that sponsorship work hardest for Mlily.


The production

AR Media were commissioned to produce a number of video and immersive projects that would include broadcast adverts, product demos, ambassador interviews with Manchester legends Bryan Robson and Denis Irwin, social media clips, music collaborations and 360° events.

AR Media have concepted, scripted, produced, directed and edited 6 videos to date that have online viewing figures in excess of 5 million views. Ranging from the highly stylised Contender video which was broadcast on Channel 4 as well as being featured on stadium screens in USA, Milan and Oslo during Manchester United’s preseason tour.

Continuing the football theme, AR Media recorded a number of challenge videos collaborating with soccer skills experts and Youtube sensations Goluremi. Each challenge tested the Goluremi team to make a seemingly impossible shot (which of course they did make) and attracted on average over 25,000 views per video.

To increase brand awareness from another angle, Mlily also collaborate with social influencers Nerd Out, a pop culture trio with a youtube following of over 3 million followers.

Their first collaboration Dare to Dream has reached over 650,000 views and more importantly is one the groups most commented on with videos on their channel.

In addition, the AR team produced cgi environments and built sets for unpacking and product demonstration videos and recorded 360°, immersive footage of their exhibition stands to demonstrate products to people who couldn’t attend the event in person.

The results

The Contender video on Facebook alone attracted over 3 million views in the UK and the USA.

Factor in the audiences in stadiums, channel 4 broadcast, social media clips, interviews and product videos and Mlily have easily put their name in front of 5 million new potential buyers.

Over the time AR Media have worked with Mlily, sales have grow by over 100% year on year.

With more projects already in production, that success can only continue.


All I heard was praises and how professionally everything was done! A proper partnership between our organizations!

Pomi Khan, – CEO, Mlily 

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