2D Animation is the most popular style of animation, lending itself to a wide range of projects and being so flexible it can be used for a stand-alone project or may well form an integral part of a wider video production project.

2D Animation

Sometimes referred to as ‘motion graphics’, 2D is the perfect medium for storytelling or for simply enhancing your production. The medium is widely used to express ideas in a range of styles; these styles tend to reflect the brand, the project’s objectives, message and the target audience and the work we will do in advance to understand all of this is fundamental.

Regardless of the style of the production, we believe the key to good animation is developing a great story with real substance. Alongside this, keeping your target audience engaged until the very end of the video is an ongoing process.

By starting with the audience and working our way backwards we can to develop your story and the overall structure to make sure that engagement is ongoing.

All of this takes a combination of skills, artistry and a deep understanding of the medium – qualities you’ll find in every one of our team.

If you need help with a project or have questions about some animation, why not give that team a call on 01604 621600 and find out how we can help.