3D Animation

Limitless in terms of both scope and possibility, 3D animation is a versatile medium and appears in many forms. Within it we can create incredible worlds and complex environments where none of the normal rules apply. Using 3D animation to its full potential can help a viewer to discover very real world products and processes that are even better than in real life.

The only limit is imagination and our specialist team will use our expertise and experience in this medium to guide you through all the possibilities and to show you just how far that imagination can be stretched.

Although the initial investment to create all the individual elements required may be considered higher than in 2D animation, the next time you want to create a production that needs these assets they’re ready and waiting to be manipulated to tell whatever story is next. Working with this medium will save you time and money making it an ideal solution when considering what medium to use to create a series of productions or even for longer projects.

We would love to show you around our animation studio, introduce you to our team and let you see for yourself how we work and what we can do for you; give us a call now to book a tour on 01604 621600 or drop us a line on our contact form.