Mlily Hybrid Pillow Animation by AR Media


Blue screen video production by AR Media


Motion Graphics by AR Media Northampton


Illustrations by AR Media Productions Limited



Animation & Visual Effects

As a full service animation studio we produce content that will take you and your brand to amazing places, captivating your audience and presenting your story in ways that you could never have imagined.

With AR Media you are not only getting a wide range of skills, technology and kit; you are also getting years of experience. Our talented in-house animators, motion designers and illustrators combine their passion, expertise and industry toolsets to deliver compelling content that audiences want to connect with.

By breaking down the walls of reality and what is possible, our animation and motion graphics team enable your brand to communicate messages in a visually stunning and entertaining format.

From a short viral animation, a corporate or explainer video, a product launch film or a complete animated series; you can count on our passion and expertise to inject magic into your project, business and brand.

In addition to creating entire worlds independently within animation, we also produce visual effects to enhance your live footage for TV, Film and more.

We have extensive experience in delivering projects for independent directors, agencies and global brands and are always working to achieve a unique vision for each and every project.

2D & 3D Animation

Limitless in terms of both scope and possibility, animation is a versatile medium and appears in many forms. Within it we can create incredible worlds and complex environments where none of the normal rules apply. Using animation to its full potential can help a viewer to discover very real world products and processes that are even better than in real life.

The only limit is imagination and our specialist team will use our expertise and experience to show you just how far that imagination can be stretched.

Illustration & Motion Graphics

Illustration and motion graphics are the perfect medium for storytelling or for simply enhancing your production. The medium is widely used to express ideas in a range of styles; these styles tend to reflect the brand, the project’s objectives, message and the target audience and the work we will do in advance to understand all of this is fundamental.

Regardless of the style of the production, we believe the key to good animation is developing a great story with real substance. Alongside this, keeping your target audience engaged until the very end of the video is an ongoing process.

By starting with the audience and working our way backwards we can develop your story and the overall structure to make sure that engagement is ongoing. All of this takes a combination of skills, artistry and a deep understanding of the medium – qualities you’ll find in every one of our team.

We would love to show you around our animation studio, introduce you to our team and let you see for yourself how we work and what we can do for you; give us a call now to book a tour on 01604 621600 or drop us a line on our contact form.