As it says on the tin, explainer videos are used to explain something very quickly and succinctly.

Explainer Videos

They are great for getting a point over and helping an audience who may need a little education to understand exactly where you are coming from. Think of it a little like standing up to present a keynote to an audience without having to actually stand up and present it.

The content you might prepare for a presentation is very similar to what you would produce for an explainer video.

Now, the common misconception is that an explainer video is only used to explain an idea, a point-of-view or how to actually do something, but actually, they are so much more than that.

They are a key component in any successful marketing funnel and so it’s important to understand how you can use them to leverage your brand and draw in new customers.

Statistics show us that people buy from video content

A recent survey conducted by Forbes on business executives indicated that 59% said they would rather watch an online video than read text covering the same information on a website. Equally, Internet Retailer claim that 52% of consumers say that watching an explainer product video made them more confident in their online purchase decisions and that 66% of consumers will watch the video at least twice.

Helping your target audience to understand what you do faster increases the speed at which they will take that all-important next step.

If you need help getting your audience to understand where you’re coming from, your perspective and why they should be using you – an explainer video could be the answer; talk to our team now on 01604 621600 or contact us here.