Augmented Reality by AR Media

Immersive Media

We provide solutions by producing groundbreaking, compelling and beautiful content that communicates directly with your target audience. AR Media have played a pioneering role in developing this medium to deliver immersive experiences for a number of clients, even being shortlisted at the world AR Summit in 2012 for Best AR Marketing Strategy and most innovative use of AR.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Here at AR Media, living in a fantasy world is our reality.

Seeing things in different ways and being able to share these experiences with audiences is exactly why we were one of the first production companies to fully embrace the frontiers of new technology and develop bespoke coded Augmented Reality applications. Digital innovation quickly became a key focus for us and over the past years has grown into an exciting and thriving department at our company, a department where the term impossible has been rewritten or re-coded numerous times.

With the advancements in technology, we are able to create interactive, immersive Augmented Reality experiences that you can view through your phone or tablet. Or how about kicking it up a notch with wearable technology such as Microsoft HoloLens and Magic Leap to dive right into the augmented world?


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Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality for us is a game changer, empowering us with the ability to create immersive virtual experiences to connect and communicate with our audiences in ways we’ve only ever dreamed of.

Limitless in scope and possibility, VR immerses you in unbelievable worlds where none of the normal rules apply, or simply brings your world and story to an audience in ways they could never imagine. It allows you not only see your virtual environment from any perspective but then also lets you interact directly with it, literally picking up objects, moving them through the space and turning things on and off.

As experienced developers of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear and Daydream we have vast experience in both the technology and the platforms themselves. As an experienced production team, we have the in-house capabilities to create the individual assets and then drop them into amazing new environments. Immersive media allows us to fuse our animation and production skills to create wondrous new content for clients and agencies alike.

Matterport - 3D interactive Tours

Every room, every floor, every nook and cranny, we capture every inch in 4k quality and stitch it all together to deliver an experience where the viewer feels like they’re almost in the room. It’s like Google’s StreetView but inside your office, venue or home.

Try it for yourself, click the image to experience a tour of our Studio Facilities.

We can even add interactive elements at relevant points of your tour, pop up text boxes, photos, videos, website links, prices, music or voice overs, almost anything you can think of. So if you’re selling a house you can give people the specs of the oven they’re currently looking at. Or if you’re giving a factory tour to prospective clients you can point out how many parts per hour are manufactured on a particular machine for example.

Ask us about how we can bring your buildings and spaces to life with Matterport™, or click here to find out more.

360° Filming

You control the point of view. 360° video lets you see more of the action enabling you to rotate your view to see what is going on everywhere. Available in websites, on mobile devices or in VR goggles you can put your viewers right in the centre of the action.

See for yourself, play the video and then drag your mouse or finger over the video to change your point of view.

Capture the moment with a simple 360° capture or tell a full story with overlaid graphics, narration, infographics or additional footage. We’ve captured rugby teams as they enter the stadium, explained how software can help engineers out in the field, we’ve even captured a trade show stand so that our client can share with people who couldn’t attend.

Examples in 360°

A great example of extending the life of an event. For those who can’t attend let them experience the show in their own time

A collection of some of our 360 work shot on location or created digitally

360˚ video for the social media ad campaign for the 2018 Football World Cup

From interactive experiences and ad spots to bespoke mobile experiences for trade shows, we are happy to create immersive experiences for brands that will increase viewer engagement and drive results.

For help or advice about Immersive Media and how it can benefit your project call us now on 01604 621600.