AR Media design and create stunning video for large-scale screens used at concerts and corporate events to captivate larger audiences around the world. Our unique experience in this field positions us to be one of the UKs premier independent creative agencies for large-scale event media.

Live Event Media

In our experience no two events are ever the same and in our opinion no two videos should be the same either. Working with event companies, creative agencies and even directly with clients has given us a wealth of experience in delivering video based media at events and shows globally.

Our appreciation of the complexities of events means we can move quickly and assuredly to compliment any existing frameworks of suppliers and technical partners and liaise with key stakeholders and partners to position us to deliver a media solution that works hard FOR you.

To deliver this we go beyond simply proposing creative to a given brief.

They are a key component in any successful marketing funnel and so it’s important to understand how you can use them to leverage your brand and draw in new customers.

We invest time at the beginning to understand your company, your brand, structure, people, partners, suppliers, core messaging, market, audience, their journey and how your event will be measured as a success.

This insight and investment permeates through every facet of the creative that we deliver.

We could say that we are not interested in engagement rates or ROI but that would be false, to us they are vital; we strive to get real results and make an impact so measuring their success commercially allows us to learn and grow.

In addition to producing media for events, we also provide a host of additional services including the production of pre-events media to promote, raise the profile and attract your audience. We facilitate onsite multi-camera filming of live content to screen, and event coverage targeted to produce BHS Documentaries’, Interviews, Closer and Highlight videos; your raw footage can be used to create multiple sets of content that you can use over and over again.

You should also know that our production capability is totally scalable. We are happy to produce content for a single drop exhibition but are equally comfortable producing your entire video based content for a three-day international event. We can then proceed to a streamlined production with our in-house team to produce highly polished creative media that flows seamlessly, delivering consistency of messaging and tone of voice.

Large Show Media

We have had the pleasure in producing entire show content for sell out arena shows, West End performances and concerts, This content ranges from simple narrative to dazzling visuals being beamed out live to an expectant and paying audience.

Time and again we have helped pack out shows and then entertain that audience; working with world-class brands and talent to deliver content for over a million live audience members on several occasions.

Corporate Event Media

We understand that your conference is undoubtedly the key event in your brands calendar, whether internal or public facing. AR Media also understand just how important it is to raise the bar when it comes to how your audience perceives your brand within the market whilst simultaneously delivering a key message.

Knowing that your event needs to engage audiences consisting of industry analysts, employees, prospects and critics alike means we can help advise on what elements should be focussed on, why and how that will add value to your overall presentation.

Our opinion is that corporate events media does not have to be stale or dry. We believe it should also have the same visual impact you’d expect to receive at a show you would pay to come and see and so produce something from the same creative fabric we would in a big show environment.

Your event media CAN and SHOULD be unique and stylish, delivered with impact but also immediately digestible.

Have a read of our case study where we helped IFS WOCO with their event, or if you have an event coming up that you need support with call our office now on 01604 621600 or click here to complete our enquiry form.