Audio is the backbone of any video. With the right soundtrack and effects your video can stand out from the ‘noise’ and really engage your audience.

We record high-quality, professional voiceovers with a choice of mics to suit the style and the artist. We then remove unwanted acoustic artefacts and polish the tone and pronunciation to deliver a truly professional voiceover.

Our audio engineer is an accomplished songwriter, producer and mixer and has years of experience in live music, film and TV production, social media and voiceover production.

With a professionally soundproofed studio built to cater for everything from voiceovers to full bands and an ever-changing toolkit of professional recording equipment, we can really make your video pop.

4 reasons Audio is critical to video

1. Enhances the Emotional Impact: Sound effects, music, and voiceovers can create an emotional connection with the audience. When combined with visuals, it creates a more impactful and immersive experience that captures the viewer’s attention and keeps them engaged.

2. Improves Clarity: Good quality audio ensures that the message conveyed through the video is clear and understandable. Without proper audio, viewers may miss out on important information, which can negatively affect their viewing experience.

3. Creates Atmosphere: Acoustics can help set the tone and atmosphere of a video. For example, music can create a feeling of tension or excitement, while sound effects can help create a sense of location and space. And voiceovers are your platform to explain your message or story to your viewers.

4. Helps with Accessibility: Proper audio is crucial for viewers who may have hearing impairments. By incorporating closed captioning or subtitles, videos become accessible to a wider audience.

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