Scripts & Storyboards

Need help turning your ideas into concepts, thoughts into scripts or visions into visuals? Step right this way.

AR Media can work with you to develop concepts, storyboards and scripts so you’ve got a good idea of what your project looks like before production begins.

We’ve produced scripts and storyboards for interactive and corporate videos, documentaries, explainer animations, music videos, plus many more.

The more we define the project at these stages, the smoother the remainder of the project will go, so we invest time and work with you to develop scripts, voiceovers and storyboards early in the process and maximise your production.

From full-scale feature films and documentaries to short-form social adverts, tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll put some shape on it, refine it and turn your idea into a living, breathing work of art.


From corporate and product videos to documentaries, theatrical productions and social posts we provide concise and engaging scripts to bring your content to life. We can tailor your message to be hard-hitting and product-driven, simplify complex tasks and services or educate an audience about your organisation.


Nothing gets everybody on the same page more than seeing a storyboard. Whether it’s, a quick sketch, stock-based PowerPoint or fully-fledged and uniquely hand-drawn our storyboards make sure the major scenes in your video or animation hit the right spot, tell the right story and everybody knows what to expect.


Sometimes people come to us with just a product or service and ask for our help with initial concepts… and we love this. With an understanding of the project, the audience and a budget we can develop creative concepts that help you stand out, tell your story and have a tangible effect on your organisation. Talk to us today.

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