Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Communicate directly with your target audience. Digital signage combines dynamic and creative content, digital network hardware and business intelligence software to produce signage that literally comes to life.

Bolt on to this a fully managed service including hardware installation and maintenance, content creation, deployment, training and 24/7 support and you will see why our clients keep coming back for more.

A digital sign doesn’t just sell to people (which many consumers claim to hate), it engages with them in a fun and entertaining way whilst leading them towards a call to action and this is where we find the power in digital signage.

Static adverts and billboards can only say so much, but with digital signage, you can have a whole series of engaging messages, promotional adverts and calls to action to help sell even the hardest to move products.

Creative Content Design

Great design needs great content; period.

Have you ever been drawn to what seems like a dazzling design only for it to look very average once your own images and content have been applied to it? Using preformed templates and one-size-fits-all themes to build a strong presence on digital signage will only lead to disappointment.

To generate impact from your digital displays, the content must grab the attention of your audience before they will engage and this is why our broadcast standard content is an absolutely critical ingredient of a successful digital signage campaign.

Your Digital Signage Deployment Strategy

It is vital to have a top level strategy in place before you start your content creation and once we have the initial fact-finding process out of the way this is our next step. We can focus on what is important; what is in it for the person viewing the sign? Tapping into the consumer’s needs & desires and focusing on content that will literally leap out of the signage is where success is born.

Your fully managed service. Designing and deploying a digital signage campaign is one thing, making it work for you is an ongoing process. AR Media’s fully managed service will take care of your on-going content creation, deployment and training as well as offering a 24/7 support service which is second to none.

To find out more about how AR Media can take your brand into the digital signage world call us now on 01604 621600 to arrange an informal briefing discussion.