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Media & video production agency

Media & video production

For marketeers, media and content planners, AR Media is a creative video production agency that creates exceptional content to inspire engagement, promote brands and visualise journeys. Unlike other video production, animation and immersive creators, AR Media offers full-service content creation, from concept and scripting to audio recording and special effects, simplifying the production process for our clients.



Who are AR?

We’re a team of rootin’ tootin, storytellers. Creatives one and all and we must love what we do because it takes a special kind of person to be one of our crew. We do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Sometimes that means we get up before the dawn chorus and get back after the pubs have shut. We’re based bang in the heart of the country in Northampton but we travel far and wide to get the right shot.

We never compromise on quality, we believe in the right tool for the right job, from high-end video to GoPro footage, and animation to augmented reality.

Sometimes we take the lead, sometimes we follow requests, we’re all on a journey.

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Our work

AR Media are a Northampton-based film, video production, animation, augmented and virtual reality, but lots of people can say that. Here are a few things they can’t:

We’ve shot over 10,000 videos in over 100 countries, interviewed people in every corner of the planet and been on stage with some of the world’s greatest stars.

We’ve augmented dinosaurs in Northampton town, produced our own award-winning feature film and remotely directed video shoots from the other side of the world.

Recorded music videos with Manchester United, filmed events at COP26 and told the backstory of Get Carter. Brought H.G Wells back to life and produced special effects at the Dominion Theatre.

We’ve made road trip documentaries from London to the Sahara desert, built film sets in our own studio and recreated crash scenes with the emergency services.

We make the impossible, possible…
and we make it look marvellous.


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