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Centralising EasyJet Communications via Digital Signage

Low-cost airlines are some of the biggest players in our skies, now making up over 30% of the global market. EasyJet started with just two wet-leased Boeing 737-200 aircraft, operating two routes. In April 1996, the first wholly owned aircraft was delivered, enabling its first international route. They continued to grow then two years later, something special happened that would completely change their business –, and the advent of taking bookings online.

Easyjet - Gatwick

That innovation continues with the application of new technologies to their aircrafts, introducing even more efficiency and reducing delays while maintaining industry-leading punctuality and safety records and a new deal to buy the new generation A320neo aircraft started in 2017.

Easyjet - Gatwick

The EasyJet Project

When easyJet relocated their new operations & crew rooms to London Gatwick in October 2016, they wanted to both centralise exactly how the separate control room and crew information was collated, scheduled and communicated whilst adding a real branded WOW factor to how it was displayed.

AR Media’s solution was to design a bespoke installation that utilised the latest in UHD digital signage technology, producing five different layout configurations over no less than 33 LG HD commercial display screens. Each layout delivered a unique combination of scheduled and live data all controlled from a single point on Dynamax’s Cloud solution.

Security within the industry is quite obviously paramount so a closed system with advanced security parameters was designed and programmed to suit. This allows different departments to update the content relevant to them without the need to access or even accidently affect the secure data.

Easyjet - Gatwick






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The results for EasyJet

The total solution included onsite training for all key administrators and many more staff are now engaging.

As a result the system has developed beyond the initial brief and far exceeded the expectations of the customer leading to great success at their opening day and setting a benchmark for deployment across other sites in the future.

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