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Part of West Northamptonshire Council, the Managers and Curators at the museum have been collaborating with AR Media on many projects over the years. From local artists such as Chris Fiddes and Melissa Little to renowned artists such as Jim Moir (aka Vic Reeves) and projects recording how we coped during the pandemic to the history of trainers, AR Media and Northampton Museum and Art Gallery work symbiotically for the enjoyment and education of Northampton residents and visitors.

Below are a few of the projects we’ve collaborated on:

Windrush @75 – Northampton Museum and Art Gallery

As part of the town’s Windrush 75 celebrations, the museum and AR Media invited local representatives of the Northampton Windrush Generation and Descendants to tell us their history, family stories, their experiences growing up in the local area and what they’ve achieved.

Romans, Daisies, Ones and Twos

As home to one of the largest collections of shoes in the world, Jim Moir aka Vic Reeves was excited to present his exclusive shoe art collection and other paintings at the museum and we were there on preview night to record his invite to the show and a tour of the exhibition.

Chris Fiddes – Local Artist

A unique and local artist, Chris paints his perspective on current affairs and the world around him. For his exhibition in the museum, AR Media went to his studio to hear his thoughts as he continued working on some of his pieces.


Shoes in our collection


Years Old


archived items

Melissa Little – Local Artist

Another local artist, Melissa tries to create 3D portraits in chalk on 2D surfaces. Visiting Melissa’s studio, AR Media captured her very personal approach working with people and using a mirror so the model can see the picture develop.

Trainers – A Global Obsession

With one of the largest collections of shoes in the world, it made sense for the museum to host an exhibition on the world’s history and obsession with trainers. Working with the curators, AR Media captured the diverse looks, uses and feelings around this global phenomenon.

2 Metres Apart @ Northampton Museum and Art Gallery

After the unprecedented events of the covid pandemic, the museum asked AR Media to produce a time capsule of the stories and events happening in our local area. How people remembered lost ones, celebrated our heroes and helped each other to survive.

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