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Zian Kites

Zian Kites

Zian Kites Brand Activation

According to Zian, kitesurfing attracts over 1.5 million professionals and enthusiasts who (For those not in the know), ride a surfboard whilst harnessing a parachute to ride the waves and pull aerial tricks above the ocean.

Based on a philosophy to create state-of-the-art kites that deliver world-class, user-friendly performance — without the inflated price, Australian manufacturers, Zian Kites have developed an enviable challenger brand to the sports mass producers.

With proof of concept and a couple of years of commercial success behind them, Zian attracted some of the best-known riders in the sport as ambassadors but their brand had yet to be properly activated and really pushed. To make the next big leap they needed to build credibility as a serious contender to the established and well-known manufacturers already out there. To achieve this Zian’s marketing department needed some visual marketing assets showcasing their latest products in use and being endorsed by professionals in Kitesurfing.

Zian Kites in action

AR Media pitched a selection of creative solutions that could be achieved in a short window and fit around the calendars of Zian’s marketing team and professional riders. Impressed with AR’s portfolio of work and flexibility, Zian commissioned a series of videos for website and social use to activate the brand, run a series of ‘Tricktionaries’ (pro rider technique tutorials), and a lifestyle film to portray the Zian philosophy.

Working on a tight schedule, AR Media sent out a small crew of Producer/Directors to Zian’s factory in Sri Lanka to visualise the importance of build quality, interview the riders and capture the products in action.

Taking advantage of being in one of the most exotic surroundings in the world, the team made use of their qualified drone pilots to capture the kites in motion and from viewpoints otherwise impossible to achieve without huge expense. In addition, to accomplish the aspirational ‘lifestyle’ video, AR got right in the action filming at super slow 200 frames per second to capture the wall of spray from the kitesurfers.


super slo-mo




miles from home

The results

Zian achieved some great brand association with the pro riders posting on social channels, one rider alone attracting over 50 thousand views over the series of Tricktionaries and the Zian brand videos.

‘Chase the Wind’ was also screened in cinemas in Perth, Sydney and Freemantle  to huge success and Australian TV producers, Boulders Creek International saw the footage and incorporated it into their own show.

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