How is Matterport different to 360° video?

Matterport is 360° video, but it’s also much more. Matterport is about speed, interactivity, affordability and accuracy. A Matterport camera uses 9 lenses and infrared (to measure distances) to capture stunning 360° video that the viewer can explore AND which can be augmented with additional media such as video, images, PDFs and audio. Which means (if you take our studio as an example) people can understand the space we have, see projects we’ve used the space for and look at the equipment we offer. All from the comfort of their own computer.

Here’s our 10 reasons why Matterport is different to 360° video and some examples of our own projects

  1. 3D Scanning and Modeling: Matterport uses 3D scanning technology to create immersive and realistic virtual tours. Instead of just stitching together panoramic photos, it creates a 3D model of the space, allowing viewers to move through the environment as if they were physically present.
  2. Dollhouse View: Matterport offers a “Dollhouse” view, which presents a 3D model of the entire space in a collapsed form, making it easy for viewers to understand the layout and structure of a property or location at a glance.
  3. Floor Plans: Matterport can automatically generate floor plans from the 3D scan, providing viewers with a clear understanding of the space’s layout and dimensions.
  4. Measurement Tools: Matterport includes measurement tools that allow users to measure distances and dimensions within the virtual tour. This is particularly useful for real estate professionals and property buyers.
  5. Interactive Hotspots: Matterport allows users to add interactive hotspots within the virtual tour. These hotspots can contain additional information, images, videos, or links to external websites, enhancing the overall user experience.
  6. Virtual Reality (VR) Support: Matterport tours are compatible with virtual reality headsets, providing a truly immersive experience for viewers who own VR hardware.
  7. Customization: Matterport offers customization options, allowing users to tailor the look and feel of their virtual tours to match their branding or specific needs.
  8. Accessibility: Matterport tours are accessible across various devices and platforms, including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets, making them widely accessible to a broad audience.
  9. Integration: Matterport can integrate with various platforms and services, such as real estate websites and property listing platforms, to help businesses and professionals showcase properties effectively.
  10. Analytics: Matterport provides analytics and engagement metrics, giving users insights into how their virtual tours are performing and how viewers are interacting with the content.

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