127 videos, 3 days, 20 cameras = IFS World Conference

127 videos, 3 days, 20 cameras = 1 happy client

Lewis Capaldi at IFS Woco Boston, 2019

The job:

In October 2019 AR Media was commissioned as video partner at the IFS World Conference in Boston, USA. A 3-day event bringing over 2,000 clients, partners, celebrities, and employees together to talk big business. We were both excited and privileged to be involved.

The client:

IFS are a global business software provider that enable manufacturers and service providers to optimise their business costs, processes, and offerings through intelligent information. The team at AR Media had worked with IFS for over 5 years and in 2019 we became a trusted partner in video production capitalising on our experience of their industry, their product and the events they organise.

But this time was a little different. This time our client wanted over 100 breakout sessions captured and edited. A daunting task.

Preparing for the world conference:

IFS World Conference 2019 - Boston

AR Media flew out a team of 8 comprising: camera operators, editors, and project managers, plus cameras, lights, and lenses. At the venue, we set-up basecamp with 4 edit suites and hired an additional 13 cameras and operators to cover all breakout sessions. With everything in place our teams split into 2; a mobile team ready to work with our client to record interviews, events and capture the conference atmosphere. The 2nd team focused entirely on capturing, backing up, and editing the breakouts after every session.

The IFS World Conference

IFS Cloud Launch Video

As the event went live we were there to capture people arriving, visiting trade stands, attending keynote speeches, and networking. 

We were setup in each room working with the on-site AV engineers to capture audio direct from the desk, and liaising with the AV team running the main stage to capture the Keynote presentations. Presenters included Tony Hawk, Tia-Claire Toomey, and Lewis Pugh. 

Our mobile team were on call day and night, working closely with the IFS Marketing team to capture interviews on the fly, delegate reactions and soundbites about why they’d come and what they’d got from attending. Appreciation night had them working into the night capturing the atmosphere, networking, events, and live acts including Lewis Capaldi.

The breakout team were in action throughout the event, managing camera operators, filming every breakout session, juggling up to 13 simultaneous sessions and began editing on-site to deliver professional video of the presenters cut with the slides they presented.

In summary

Attendees are C-suite professionals from market leading manufacturers. They invest a lot of time and money coming to this event so it has to provide real, tangible value. IFS achieve this by providing a 3 day event packed with networking opportunities, world class keynote speakers, and access to IFS experts who can show them how to get the most out of their software. 

AR Media’s remit is to provide a reminder of what attendees experienced, events from other parts of the conference they may have missed, and to give prospective clients an idea of why they should attend in the future. Or in simple terms; 127 videos, 3 days, 20 cameras and 1 happy client.

See the closing video at: https://vimeo.com/371641862

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