Where to host video

Video in marketing series Part 3 of 3

Now you know what to produce, where do you host video?
Video hosting platforms can be highly effective for marketing businesses. From simple hosting to detailed analytics about who watched your video, for how long and their demographics. Your decision may come down to your audience, YouTube (Owned by Google) is an obvious choice but might be considered more consumer than business orientated. Social platforms also use enable you to host video, LinkedIn, Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter) all enable video upload but you may be limited in length and aspect ratio.
Here are five video hosting platforms that were commonly used for marketing purposes:
YouTube: YouTube is not only the largest video hosting platform but also a powerful marketing tool. It allows businesses to create branded channels, optimize content for search engines, and engage with a massive audience.
Vimeo: Vimeo offers more control over branding and customization, making it suitable for businesses looking to maintain a polished and professional image. It’s often used by creative professionals and businesses focused on high-quality content.
Wistia: Wistia is designed with businesses in mind and provides detailed analytics on how viewers engage with videos. It’s particularly useful for businesses looking to track video performance and gather insights.
Brightcove: Brightcove is a comprehensive video platform that offers various tools for businesses to manage, distribute, and monetize their video content. It’s suitable for large enterprises and organizations.
Vidyard: Vidyard specializes in video marketing for businesses, offering features such as personalized video messages, tracking viewer engagement, and integrating videos into email campaigns.
Please note that the landscape of video hosting and marketing platforms continuously evolve. We recommend researching the current options and read reviews to determine which platforms align best with your business’s marketing goals and needs.

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