All about AR Media

Driving innovation through creativity.

AR Media Productions, your full-service creative studio and digital agency; creating and delivering ‘compelling media’, ‘immersive experiences’ and ‘innovative digital solutions’ for brands & audiences.

About AR Media

Originally established in 2005 mainly as a music video production company, AR Media Productions has since grown into the media machine it is today. We bring a team of creative experts together, mix them up and create awe-inspiring communications that allow brands and businesses to form fast and solid relationships with their intended target audience.

Throughout our journey of growth, we have had the pleasure to work with and alongside some of the world’s greatest stars, artists and brands; and we’ve learned a bit along the way too.

We’ve picked up a few awards, filmed in over 100 countries, adopted, embraced and even led the way with emerging technologies to produce incredible experiences.

Always hungry, we strive for excellence; encouraging creativity to find solutions that engage audiences and get those results. The first step in delivering that solution is to fully understand your projects objectives, what story you want to communicate and how you will measure that success.

The AR Media ethos is clear, we promise to deliver world-class content and innovative solutions to audiences, brands and campaigns alike.

Holly Manning - AR Media 1
Lennah Seelig - AR Media 1
Wayne Roberts - AR Media 1
Stephen Fairhurst - AR Media 1
Laurence Chase- AR Media 1
Jordan from AR Media, Northampton
Tamara from AR Media, Northampton
Samuel Chase - AR Media 1

So, we know what our solutions can do, we just need to know what problem you need solving! 

Take a look at our portfolio of successful stories, give us a call on 01604 621600 or submit your brief here.