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Apps are usually quite rigid in their content, they can be updated but the overall experience doesn’t often change. AR Media decided to question what was possible, so we developed a platform based app.

We developed the Explore Northampton App for Northampton Council so they can encourage the local population to get out and about, and in doing so be a little bit more active and learn about their town.

The app works on modern iOS and Android phones and has an easy ti use launch screen which displays all the current experiences. The launch screen updates automatically each time the user starts the app, allowing new packages to feature or old ones to be removed.

GPS tracking allows us to personalises the app to just Northamptonshire and help people locate trail points and augmented reality allows us to add information to real objects in the county as well as making some assets available at home for those that can’t travel.

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Changeable Content

As a platform-based app, we are able to change the content remotely to align with seasonal activities which keeps content fresh and drives engagement. During Christmas we launched the Santa Trail, in summer we aligned with the Dinosaurs in Northampton town and at Easter we offered an Egg hunt. For older audiences there is the Walk in the Past trail, educating people about famous Northamptonians from the past and we have worked with Northampton Museum to augment their shoe exhibition.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking not only allows us to make the app personal to Northamptonshire but also enables us to build trails for people to follow and place ‘treasures’ around the county.

Using GPS we have placed student’s sculptures around the University of Northampton campus, helped Santa get comfortable at Delapre Abbey, put dinosaurs outside All Saints church in the middle of town and augment video around the Knife Angel when it visited Northampton.

Augmented Reality

With Augmented Reality capabilities built-in, the app can recognise locations or visual targets and trigger additional information around real life objects such as sculptures, buildings or augment out of thin air! Why not put an elf on the high street, or an Easter egg in the shopping arcade for example.

And for those who can’t make it into town in person we can place augmented objects in their own homes. During the Knife Angel tour for example, we enabled people to see the sculture at home with a scaled down 3D version they could see in their own homes.


We can report on many different criteria such as; downloads by date range and operating system, number of sessions of each package, location, source etc.

Which means you can monitor usage and understand what packages work better than others as a continual improvement process.

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