9 Tips For An Engaging Corporate Video

Your corporate video needs to communicate a message, build trust in you or your business, and create a solid, engaging connection with your audience. A professional-quality video is one of the most valuable tools available to move your marketing and communications forward.

Here’s 9 key areas you need to consider:


Are you aiming at potential clients, investors, employees or agencies? Each audience can be very different. Ask yourself what do they want to know instead of what do you want to tell them.

Corporate Video Messaging

What message will resonate with your audience most? Financials or markets? Growth or Unique Selling Points? Trying to cram everything you do into 1 video isn’t likely to catch your audience’s interest so choose carefully.

Engaging Scripts and Actors

A script sets the tone. Not just of what you hear but also what you see on screen. Make sure every word has a reason to be there. Take out complexity and duplication and make every word count.

Storyboard and Locations

Start big! big ideas and big ambitions. How best can you visualise your message, make it with the budget you’ve got and get from one scene to the next? And then send out your location scouts, get permissions and insurance and schedule as many shots in the same location as possible.

Engaging Branding

Your corporate brand extends into everything you do so consider where it fits in here. Just an intro and outro or do you need to see subtle hints throughout? Is it the colour of a building or what someone is wearing?


Create detailed call sheets, make sure everyone understands what they’re doing, have backups, be prepared to think on your feet and always expect scenes to take longer than you think. Setup can be your biggest thief of time so whatever you think you need, triple it. And don’t try to do too much in one day.


The soundtrack is the heartbeat of your video and often the first element that needs to be locked in for editors to work from. Do you need sound effects? If you need a voiceover, what accent do you need?

Editing and Effects

A day’s filming might take a week to edit. If you’re using green screen or image replacement even longer. But post-edit effects can enable you to replace stadium crowds, insert 3D objects and recolour items to fit your video.

Engaging calls to action

Don’t forget to tell people what you want them to do next. Phone, email, contact their reseller, whatever it is don’t leave a brother hangin.

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