Buzbee’s Premium Cocktail Mixers

Premium Cocktail Mixer manufacturers Buzbee’s are on a mission to deliver premium products that taste great, offer great value and to help Bee populations grow. Expanding into the US market, MD Andrew Wittich came to AR Media for a premium point-of-sale video in a really short turnaround. By bringing the heroes of the Buzbee’s product to life, AR Media promoted all of the key benefits into a short and engaging video tailored directly to US vendors.

Created entirely from scratch in 3D, the Buzbee’s advert features a team of 3D bees, excited about selling their product and highlighting their taste, low-calorie benefits plus what it can be mixed with. Watch the video below:

We worked with Buzbee’s to deliver a concept, script, voiceovers and the finished 3D animation you see here and we’re pleased to say the pitch worked! Buuzbee’s Premium Cocktail Mixers are now available in multiple outlets across the USA

Find out more about Buzbee’s Premium Tonics at: https://www.buzbeesbeverages.com/